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Where'd all the good people go?

Angela Tseng

I want to start this post by saying how grateful I am for being surrounded by great people filled with great energy!

We did a video shoot down in San Diego for my soon-to-launch Kickstarter campaign last Thursday. At first I was a little concerned because I did not know what to expect. I did not live in SD, the models, the filmmaker, the photographer, and the make-up artist didn’t know each other, and it was my first time shooting a video. So needless to say, I was up all night worrying about everything that could happen. Call time was at 7:30AM but by 6:00AM I was worrying about nobody showing up.

Turns out, all my worries were in vain. The shoot was as successful as I could have asked! And I have to say it was a great shooting day not only because we got great images but because we got great people who contributed, more than anything, with their super positive energy. They were all willing to work around their schedule to make everything happen; from providing the apartment as a shooting site to showing up at crazy early hours, from fitting the shoot in between finals to shooting great images while being jet lagged. All the ladies were amazing and it could not have been possible if I was missing a single one of them!

After a full day of shooting we were ready to make our way back to LA around 10PM. The drive back was pretty smooth and all I could think about was getting home, taking a really nice and hot shower, and of course, my bed.

But when we were about 20 minutes away from home on the 405 the car stopped, and we were on the fast track lane. Although we had the emergency lights on, the other cars were coming at us at full speed as if they did not see us (which I can’t blame them since it was late at night and no one would expect a car to be stopped in the fast track lane). So all we could do was call 911 and wait while all these cars were rushing by us at full speed or stopping behind us by an inch from hitting us.

Finally a silver Honda Civic REALLY almost hit us, but like a guardian angel a guy came out of the car and he not only did not get mad at us for being stopped in the middle of 405 he did everything he could to help us, and I mean EVEYRHITNG. Unlike all the other cars he did not just drive away angry. He stayed parked behind us so no other cars would hit us; then, he walked into the on coming traffic to stop a pick up truck that had warning lights. The guy in the pick up truck, without hesitating, stopped next to us closing the adjacent lane and turned on the warning lights. At this point I was not only scared, I was also overflowing with guilty as I was putting so many lives in danger all because I forgot to check the tank before we started driving.

Moments after the pick up truck stopped, we got the attention of a tow truck that was actually making his way home. But out of kindness he stopped for us and started strapping the car to the truck. At this moment, after Mr. Guardian Angel made sure we were in good hands, he got in his car and drove away without leaving a name or saying anything.

When we were almost ready to take off, we hear the cop’s siren and see a car zig-zagging through traffic on the 405 and stopping all the cars. So now not only have I put people’s lives in danger I had caused a commotion on the freeway. Finally, when we were safe in a residential street I was certain that the police officer would come over with a fat ticket and an endless speech but all he said was “he (pointing to the guy in the tow truck) saved you guys, have a good life” and left.

The adrenaline rush was wearing off when a friend picked me up. So I cried and cried and cried and drank some wine to my heart’s content. And that’s how I spent the rest of the weekend, crying and drinking because I felt scared, guilty, and lonely. But on Sunday night when I finally built up the courage to call home, my mom made me see things in a different way. Instead of crying over spilled milk I should be grateful for having met so many great people that helped me through such a delicate situation. Instead of beating myself up, I should be helping others who are also in need, because something that may seem like nothing to some might be the world for someone else.

So, where'd all the good people go? They didn’t go anywhere, they are all around us. Amidst all the craziness that has been happening around the world, human kindness still exists and unconditional kindness is real. It doesn’t matter if it is someone you know, someone you have just met, or a total stranger; always be kind and considerate without asking for retribution because you might just become someone’s guardian angel without even knowing.

Models: Erin, Nicole     MUA: Rachelle     Photo: TanyaBree     Video: Tanya